My life hasn’t been what I wanted lately, and a friend suggested I take a class to get out of the house after work. My wife and I split up a few years ago, so I thought a cooking class was a good choice. I’m tired of eating out alone or bringing home a cooked meal, and I believe learning how to cook will at least make me more independent. The class started a few weeks ago, and I’m learning more than just cooking.

The instructor is a hard taskmaster, and she demands that we study between classes. I had a few problems with this, but a group of classmates invited me to study with them. We have been getting together to try out the recipes on our own, and we point out what the person cooking needs to change. All of us have improved in class, and it’s been a lot of laughs when we’re together.

Last week, I noticed how thoughtful one of the women is with us. She critiques each dish, but she always makes sure to find something to compliment. She takes the time to make sure we feel encouraged to keep cooking, and she takes it in stride when we give our opinions of her dishes. When we’re done with talking food, she is the first one to help clean up. She seems to spread happiness wherever she goes, and this is what made me notice her.

I’m not quite sure about the etiquette of asking out a fellow class mate, but tonight I’m going to see if she wants to try some restaurant cooking with me. It will be a new setting, and it will give both of us a chance to see each other in a new way. I truly hope it works out for us, and I’m looking forward to dinner out for the first time in quite a while.

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